Cold Coffee Recipe
Cold Coffee Recipe


Cold Coffee Recipe, During the summer, we always crave something cool, and as we love coffee, how is a glass full of chilled coffee on a hot day. A cold coffee recipe at home is very easy to make and requires a few days of ingredients. You can make it more delicious by adding a scoop of ice cream to it. It tastes great and you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

Cold Coffee Recipe


  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee powder
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 2 tablespoons sugar, powder, adjustable
  • 1/2 cup ice cream, vanilla, or chocolate (optional)
  • Ice as required

How to Make Cold Coffee Recipe 

  • To start making cold coffee recipes, prepare the ingredients mentioned earlier.
  • Next, take a blender and add milk, essential sugar, and coffee powder. Blend it for about 30 seconds.
  • Open the jar and add ice cubes. If you want a thick consistency, add fewer ice cubes. Close the jar and mix it again for about 30 to 40 seconds until everything is mixed properly.
  • You can also add 1 tbsp of ice cream to the coffee to add extra flavor.
  • Once this is done, pour it into the glass and sprinkle some coffee powder on top.
  • Serve cold coffee with fried egg sandwiches with cucumbers for a week’s breakfast or any other sandwich of your choice, or enjoy it with your family after a tiring day at work.

Cold Coffee Recipe Video 

Nisha Madhulika Tips

  • For balanced iced coffee, use a ratio of 4 cups of water to 1 cup of coarse ground coffee.
  • Keep things sharp by using cold or cold brew coffee to make ice cubes that you can use in your iced coffee.
  • That way you don’t accidentally water your drink.

Black Forest Coffee

Black Forest Coffee
Black Forest Coffee

This is a dessert coffee to be served. The ingredients make you think of Black Forest Cake! It’s simple to cook! For an excellent presentation, use your most OK Chinese cups or Irish coffee mugs.


  • 8 Ounces Of Fresh Roast Coffee (Regular Or Decaffeinated)
  • 4 Teaspoons Of Syrup With Chocolate
  • 2 Maraschino Cherry Juice Cubes.
  • 1⁄4 Cup Of Whipped Cream Sweetened
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Chocolate Or Chunks Of Chocolate 2 Piglet Cherries

How to make Black Forest Coffee

  • COMBINE coffee, syrup with chocolate, and cherry juice.
  • I split into two heated china cups or Irish glasses of coffee, six ounces each.
  • Top the cream, chocolate rasped, and a maraschino cherry.

Black Forest Coffee Video

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